Saturday, 19 July 2014

What Health Insurance Is Best

It's no secret that the United States health care is very high quality and high-tech , but it is very expensive.

Not every American in a position to pay for the full cost of treatment without significant damage to the family budget , when it comes to any severe or chronic illness especially .

Historically, that in America , every citizen must take care of your health , and there is no mandatory health insurance , as well as duties and no doctors to treat you for free, except in an emergency .

If a citizen has a good job and a steady income , he is able to buy (get from your employer ), health insurance and undergo the necessary treatment without anxiety about what tomorrow will receive a pack of impressive medical bills. Most Americans have private health insurance , usually sponsored by an employer, or participate in various community programs , such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Nevertheless , some U.S. residents are without health insurance because of financial problems or the presence of severe disease that existed before applying for insurance - the so-called pre-existing conditions.

For the current reforms in the U.S. health care has resulted in a complicated situation with the provision of health insurance , exacerbating the economic crisis. The proportion of Americans secure health insurance , at least since the mid -1990s, declined steadily .

As of 2010 only 84 % of U.S. residents have some form of health insurance.

This means that millions of people at least part of the year living without insurance and confidence in the future .

Because of the crisis and rising unemployment caused them more and more people began to apply for state insurance for the poor . Today, public insurance programs cover more than a third of the U.S. population and are responsible for almost half of health care costs in the country. National Insurance covers mainly vulnerable groups who can not afford private insurance .